Beyoncé live at Levi’s Stadium



Beyoncé made her last stop in California on her Formation world tour Sept. 17 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

The concert began at 7:30 p.m. with an in house disc jockey.

I’m used to going to concerts and them not starting exactly on time so I wasn’t too surprised at the fact Beyoncé didn’t come out until after 9 p.m.

This was Beyoncé’s third time performing at Levi’s stadium.

She opened the show with a chilling rendition of the song “Formation” her first single off the Lemonade album.

Beyoncé and the crowd’s energy was high the entire show even though she referred to Santa Clara as San Francisco.

The crowd completely lost it when she performed Freedom.

The set included her and her back up dancers dancing on a platform filled with water.

She never showed signs of slipping.

She performed majority of the Lemonade album except for “6 Inch,” “Pray You Catch Me,” “Love drought” and “Forward.”

Her dancing, lighting, stage effects, outfits and makeup were all on point. She never missed a beat.

I had a really good time at the concert but the commute was a hassle.

Getting to the stadium was a challenge due to all the heavy traffic coming from the San Francisco Giants game also taking place that night.

Not only was the traffic horrible but the prices for parking near Levi’s stadium were expensive.

I paid $50 just to park three blocks away from the stadium.

Once I got to the arena security informed me the bag I was carrying was too big and that I had to take everything out of my purse to put it in their approved 12” x6” x 12” clear plastic bag.

Levi’s Stadium has a bag policy that bans all bags except small clutches.

I understand Levi’s wanting to ban bags but the lines were so long, I couldn’t help but become frustrated I had to take a step back and hop in another line just for them to hold onto my bag because I wasn’t going to walk back to the car. Overall the show was worth every penny. I definitely have to see her again hopefully I’ll be early enough to get chosen to be in Beyhive, the stage-pit area.

Beyoncé closed the show with the song “Halo” while fireworks went off over the stadium.

My advice to anyone attending events at Levi’s Stadium is to leave your bag at home.