Delta starts directing class

Greg Foro, far left, instructs "The Principles of Directing" course. PHOTO BY ANALESE NAJERA

This fall, Delta College has decided to add a new directing class on campus.

Greg Foro, far left, instructs "The Principles of Directing" course. PHOTO BY ANALESE NAJERA
Greg Foro, far left, instructs “The Principles of Directing” course. PHOTO BY ANALESE NAJERA

This class is called “The Principles of Directing” and is taught by Drama Professor Greg Foro. Foro said students learn “the basics of staging … the basics of analyzing a script.” 

This class is about what it takes to create a play or a film. 

Foro said his “aim is to create many different types of projects so that the students can build their skill level for various things.” 

He elaborated when asked why he wanted to teach this class.

“It was something that we wanted to teach, and it was something we thought would be useful to them as they moved on,” he said.

If you’re acting this class would be a great way to broaden horizons because it lets students see acting from the director’s eyes.

This directing class is helpful for students who want to better their acting from all points of view, including considering all components of film, not just the acting.

The course can also help with leadership skills.

Foro said students who may not want to major in the arts “learn leadership and a greater sense of creating something.”

The Introduction to Acting class is a prerequisite for the course.

“I think it’s great for anybody with a creative mind that wants to get their ideas sort of out there,” said Barry Tisdale, a third-year student with a major in theater.

Charles Williams, another theater major, said the class isn’t only for theater majors but for “people who have very strong imagination … want to break out of their shell, even if you’re shy.” Williams is a fourth-year student at Delta and is enjoying the class as well.

Not only is this class beneficiary to theater majors but it could also be to art majors.

Jasmine George, an art major said she “basically took it just to get a different perspective because I like to think all things are kind of artistic in a way, so I felt like that would help me with my artistic skills.” 

George is a second-year student at Delta.

Upcoming for the Drama Department is the staging of Suburbia.

“It’s set in the suburbs of a fictional town in Massachusetts … It’s about many things, race relations and complacency,” said Foro. 

The play is a drama comedy, which debuts on Oct. 14.