NY fashion show showcases plus-sized models


In the world of fashion, models have always been known to be a size zero or size two.

Women in the fashion industry struggle with being comfortable in their bodies due to the stress and pressure to look perfect in a magazine or on the runway.

But according to Christian Siriano, the season four winner of Project Runway, fashion should never be defined by size.

Whether it’s for the red carpet, a day in the o ce, or an evening out with the girls,
every woman should feel stylish and comfortable.

On Sept. 10, Siriano held a fashion show in New York City during New York Fashion Week.

Siriano didn’t feature a press release, stage a body positive market-

ing campaign or start a hashtag.

He featured five models: AlessandraGarcia Lorido, Marquita Pring, Precious Lee, Sabina Karlsson and Georgine Pratt to wear his Spring/Summer 2017 collection.  His choices of models were the highlight the show.

All the women were diverse and dressed in crisp whites, vibrant colors, and flowy silhouettes that flaunted their curves.

“We’re celebrating color and vibrancy and diversity and lots of women can really wear these clothes,” he said backstage in a short interview with USA Today.

“I just thought it was super important to have women of diversity on the runway this season,” Siriano told reporters. “It was the right time.”

Siriano also dressed Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones when no one else would.

In July, actress Jones tweeted “no designers wanting to help me with a dress” for the premiere of Ghostbusters in Loa Angeles.

Many fashion insiders launched an embarrassing

defense and pulled the “sorry” card, before Siriano stepped in.

I grew up with a mum who was a size 16, 18 so it wasn’t new to me to luptuous woman

life. And my sister is a size 00,” he said.

As a young woman, I believe Siriano deserves the recognition and praise he has received for his show; not only for the sizes

of models, but for the diversity and an open mind to try something different.

“It shouldn’t be exceptional to work with brilliant people just because they’re not sample size. Congrats aren’t in order, a change is,” he said. I agree. Women come in all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

All women should be able to wear stylish and comfortable clothes that provide their size. Siriano’s craftsmanship, devotion and love for all women of all sizes truly granted him what reports call “the most diverse runway of the season.” Siriano speaks the truth when he says designers should be in the business of helping all women look their best.

Siriano understands how to work in larger sizes. Doing so, however, is a challenge.

The proportions change when it comes to making a dress for a size two verses making one for a size 18.

Designers have many different reasons for not creating clothes larger than a size two.

Some of those reasons start out because of prejudices.

Sometimes, it’s pure ignorance and childish behavior. Siriano is none of those things.

As a designer, he has become one of Seventh Avenue’s most vocal advocates for plus-size women. He made sure they were represented on his runway and that, was a very smart decision.