Trump supporter claims Clinton presidency would oversaturate market with immigrant business


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s stance on immigration may have pushed Latino voters away, except for one Southern California man who aims to stand with Trump.

Trump supporter and co-founder of the group Latinos for Trump, Marco Gutierrez, wants to make America great again and tacos aren’t part of the plan to restore the country.   

“My culture is a dominant culture… it’s causing problems, if you don’t do something about it you’re going to have taco tucks on every corner,” said Gutierrez.

During a recent interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC, Gutierrez, a Mexican immigrant who came to the states illegally as a teenager, shared his thoughts on immigration and his warning of a dark future for America if Hillary Clinton becomes president. 

The recently famous Gutierrez’s statement comes with a major backlash. 

“I don’t see it as a problem,” said University of the Pacific student Andrew Vo, who was asked for his thoughts about Marco Gutierrez’s statement made on Reid’s show about  taco trucks on every corner in America. 

“I love Mexican food,” Vo added.

Vo is a frequent customer at the popular taco tuck El Mayita located in the 76 gas station parking lot on March Lane just west of Interstate 5.

“The Mexican culture is more than just about the food and shouldn’t be seen as imposing to Americans. We are a country of diversity and American citizens should be accepting to other cultures.”

 Vo didn’t seem to think Gutierrez’s statement made a positive impact for Trump and his race to presidency.

 “Taco trucks like El Mayita bring different people together and spreads culture. Just look at the crowd here right now. Not everyone that comes here is Mexican,” said Manuel Herrera of Stockton. 

Herrera, who often comes to El Mayita for the pastor burritos added, “If we were color blind, we would all treat each other the same. Unfortunately all we see is the color of skin.” 

Herrera didn’t agree with Gutierrez’s statements and ideas about the Mexican culture imposing and causing problems in America.

“Americans shouldn’t be intimidated by Mexicans at all,” added Herrera. The Trump Foundation has yet to acknowledge Gutierrez and his popular taco truck comment.

On the other hand, Clinton thought Gutierrez’s statement was outlandish and very offensive as she seized the opportunity to take advantage of the situation at the Sept. 15 address to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus referring to the allegation made by the Latinos for Trump group.

 “I personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious,” said Clinton.