Univision opens media centers to educate


On Sept. 9, Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) had a live ribbon cutting for the inauguration of five new media centers on the daytime television show Despierta America.

As Univision time and time again makes the value of education clear, the company has proven its goal is to provide new education opportunities to Latinos in the United States by opening media centers: Hernandez Middle School in Austin, Para los ninos Charter Middle School in Los Angeles, The United for success Academy in Oakland, Pulaski International School of Chicago in Chicago, and The Ruben Dario Middle School in Miami.

The first media center was inaugurated on Jan. 29, for the New Venture Middle School in the Bronx. 

Univision wasn’t originally planning to expand in December 2015, the company decided the program should provide opportunities for Latinos in the U.S. media and technology sectors with numerous partners. 

“The organization joined efforts to achieve two overarching goals: 1) Strengthen and expand their existing efforts to increase the pipeline of Latinos in media and technology; 2) develop and educate future leaders and professionals,” according to a January Univision press release.

As a daughter of a proud Hispanic woman, I am overjoyed of all that Latinos have accomplished and what Univision has done for them

During this election cycle, the intelligence and determination of Latin people has been questioned. To me, what Univision has done, is open new doors for the Latino children and parents. 

Parents can now see the great things their children can achieve when given the chance and see how their children will grow as a person when studying a profession that appeals to them. 

They will have new hope that they’re finally doing something right. 

Some will fight against the new opportunity given to them for their children because of fear for the unknown but with time things will work out. 

The children will now have a choice and now the excuse isn’t economical. It is now going to be will and hard work that will tell who wants to be something more. Though now Univision has offered this new chance it is still up to the next generation to accept it. 

Furthermore, though Univision has offered this once a lifetime chance to the next generation, it isn’t written in stone that they should take it.