Stockton mayor fails citizen: Silva reinforces negative perception of Stockton

Stockton has undergone terrible years involving a financial crisis, unprecedented crime rates being ranked first by Forbes as the Most Miserable City in America and negative media coverage.
But the city has been working hard to revamp itself as a better place in hope Stocktonians can express pride.

But how can people be jubilant about their city when Mayor Anthony Silva pushes us back into the dark with his actions?

We can’t because the moment we try to take a chance on Stockton, the moment we try and push for change people like Silva go and ruin it for us.

And it’s pretty depressing for Stockton, especially when this city has a lot to build on, but our reputation of embarrassment precedes us.

It’s time to end the embarrassment starting with Silva, who should resign as mayor.

He is supposed to be the mayor of Stockton, a positive gure in the community, yet he was arrested for allegedly participating in a game of strip poker, secretly recording a conversation and providing alcohol to a minor.

It’s weird and sick.

He’s no leader by doing that.

Some would say his e ort and intentions to improve this city should outweigh any personal scandal he has done but his crimes are simply too much to bypass.

Some might even use the lame excuse: “Hey, what did you expect from him? After all, he’s only human.”

This excuse is silly and unreasonable.

Humans have morals and abide by a code of ethics acceptable in human society. His actions are not acceptable, especially for a man in office.

As someone who solemnly swore they would bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the United States and the State of California, which he would faithfully discharge the duties upon which he is about to enter is ironic because he is doing the exact opposite by going against law.

Everybody else gets in trouble for similar things and they do their time, so it’s time Silva does his.

Silva portrays himself as the “people’s mayor” and for a while it seemed that way.

He gave a voice to citizens who didn’t have one.

Homicides, non-fatal shootings and robberies dropped after Silva was elected mayor.

In 2015 Stockton had the lowest crime rate since 1999 but, nonetheless, he has been charged on four criminal counts, recording confidential information, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and providing alcohol.

This is a man who once passed out badges to his supporters as if they were supposed to be some sort of protection detail. Then there’s the story about the wild limousine ride he was a part of.

His mistakes are repeated over and over again. Is it because he knows he can get away with it?

A man in a fancy suit thinks he can campaign for reelection like his reckless behavior and actions can go unseen.

Silva has let down the people of Stockton — the expectations of citizens. He’s shown that he is irresponsible and proven that he can’t be a leader.

He’s not the authority figure we need. As a citizen of this city, Silva should not represent us and he doesn’t deserve the title of mayor.