Delivery service helps battle the crimson tide


Small businesses help cities thrive. Stockton is no exception.

You can find a business and a clientele for anything — even feminine products.

Toni Valenzuela, 50, Devon Valenzuela, 25, and Samantha Valenzuela, 20, have started a feminine product delivery service called The Dot Spot.

The business is a first of its kind for Stockton.

“The whole idea started with us being on our period at the same time and wishing there was a service we could call to bring us junk food. So we decided why don’t we start one,” said Samantha Valenzuela.

The Dot Spot has a variety of different packages filled with feminine products such as tampons, pads and sanitary wipes.

The kits also include candy, water and Advil.

Each package is $10 which includes delivery.

Customers can add an extra water or a soda for an extra 50 cents.

“We get about six calls a week. From high schoolers to college students to boyfriends,” said Samantha.

The mother, daughter trio delivers the packages Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Dot Spot has only been open for a month so the business is sticking to the Stockton area, but hopes to expand to different cities.

Since they have been open for a short time, they have a small amount of clients, but are quickly gaining traction.

“We have a great support system. We hope to help women and girls feel comfortable and confident and that they have someone to call in case of an unexpected visit or accident,” said Samantha.

The Dot Spot hopes to incorporate panties and condoms into packages in the future.

Small, pink fliers can be found around campus with their information.