EPIC Club inspires leadership skills for students


There is a new club on campus for Fall.

The Empowering Positive Initiatives for Change is also known as EPIC Club.

“The club was formed because of the Epic Program offered here at Delta Community College,” said Mercy Bacallan, a member of the club.

This club is meant to promote higher education to high school students.

This club is meant for Filipino, Pacific Islander, and Asian American students but is open for all students.

“The [Epic] program is a learning community that will help you to become aware of yourself and the influences that have shaped who you are today, giving you the knowledge, tools, and motivation to establish goals that will help you to become the person you want to be” said Bacallan.

The club goes to high schools around the Stockton area to inform students on not only the Epic Program but all programs that are offered at Delta.

“[The] Purpose of the club is to expose students to the possibility of change, giving individuals access to leadership opportunities and to utilize those leadership skills for the betterment of the San Joaquin Delta College Community District,” said Serey Vann, staff member for the club.

When asked why someone would want to join the club, Vann said, “Celebrate the diversity within the Asian cultures; build life-long relationships so that students return and give back to the community.”

Some things the club do is engaging with community service and networking with students and professionals.

They connect students to tutoring services and help with study group opportunities.

The club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. the location is to be announced.