More action needed from our ‘leaders’


Crooked Hillary and Dumb Donald finally went toe-to-toe in an all-out, no holds barred, grudge match for the ages.

I’m talking about the Presidential Debate don’t get too excited.

One of the most-watched political spectacles in history, many critics are mixed in deciding who won.

Was the winning factor Trump’s dominance despite looking like a fool, or, Clinton’s composure despite being harshly attacked?

While it’s hard to pick a winner it’s easy to see the loser: the people of America.

When I say that I don’t mean we’re doomed to have a terrible president regardless of who wins. America is in trouble because Republicans and Democrats swear one is right and the other is wrong.

Democrats v. Republicans: Dawn of Stupidity is the real life anti-action film about two groups of superidiots fighting over the right to control the United States of America, but, in doing this the two groups have allowed the lives of millions to be lost to crimes of hatred and extremism and even more have lost their jobs and money to other countries.

This film ends with one group disbanding and the other taking full control of the nation, but, the nation is left in shambles, the superidiots just stood there, watched and argued about what was best for the people but never made a decision.

They never agreed on a single idea.

The worst part about this film is that it isn’t a work of fiction, this is the true story of the American political system, this is the result of arguing with no agreement.

As previously mentioned, there was a debate between presidential candidates Trump and Clinton, and the media was buzzing with discussions about who “won.”

As someone who watched the debate I feel like there was no winner and I don’t understand how you could say so since both candidates want the same things for the country.

Listen closely to the two candidates debating and you’ll hear that both want big business to stay on American soil, both want guns out of the hands of identified terrorists and both want the hostility between cops and the black community to end.

The two even acknowledged they agree on those things in the debate they only differ in their plans to do that.

That should just be the end of the story, everybody wants to bring peace to America so let’s compromise a deal to make it happen.


The Democrats and Republicans just have to argue about everything.

Take, for instance, the argument about keeping terrorists from possessing guns.

Recently Democratic members of the House of Representatives proposed a law that would keep people on the no-fly list from getting a gun permit or buying a gun.

The Republican run House immediately shot this down.

Are these idiots just hating because they’re Republican and they’re not supposed to like each other?

“I guess,” was the only thing Delta College student Edith Hernandez could say in response to this.

What is there to say about this?

If you want the same thing why does there have to be years of bickering before anyone makes progress?

“They do that because they’re just trying to make people come over to their party, so it doesn’t really matter what the actual point is,” said Delta student Harrison Peralta.

All this political nonsense stems from the two parties wanting dominance.

Here’s an idea: shut up and do anything. Maybe we’ll all be satisfied someday.