Apple update gets good, bad reviews


The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10, caused serious “bickering” problems for iPhones and iPad users.

Apple users quickly updated their phones to see the new features iOS had to offer.

New features to the software update includes changes to iMessage, fonts, music and the lock screen.

But one of the biggest points of the update is to feature the new emojis.

Users of this update are mourning about the loss of the gun emoji and other emojis that have changed as well.

“I don’t like how it doesn’t go to home like it used to. Like it goes directly back to the app that I previously used,” said Leo Galvan who was a previous Delta student. “I also noticed that the camera icon on the lock screen is not there anymore like it used to.”

The software update was released worldwide on September 13, but with a few problems.

Just moments after the update was released, millions of users shared their opinions of Apple’s “biggest release ever” on social media.

Apple users also have said that the new updated emojis are similar to the android emojis.

Delta student Ronalyn Villamor, gave her opinion about the new look of the emojis.

“The new emojis look more 3D and they kinda remind me of android emojis, which looks a little weird,” she said. “It’s sort of the same.”

Galvan also said, “I like them because they put a little more character in the faces so it looks more life-like.

In particular, the water gun that has replaced the pistol emoji was poorly received, as users said it would make their messages look less threatening.

“The water gun emoji kinda ruins the purpose of using the gun emoji,” said Sammy Rodrigo, Delta student. “They should’ve just left the gun emoji alone, it was fine,” he said.

The hashtag iOS10 was trending on Twitter and has been used over 152,000 times.

Apple’s iOS 10 update has also received positive reviews from single parent families now that the update provides a single parent family emoji.

The combinations include a mom or dad with up to two children (boy or girl).

Many people seem to appreciate the update as a single parent or the child of a single parent for being included into the popular communication tool.

“I didn’t know that they were there. It doesn’t really bother me, I think it’s pretty cool for those people who do have single parents,” said Rodrigo. “I think it’s really good, another demographic of families. So I think that’s good,” Leo Galvan said.

iOS10 has featured over 70 new emojis and includes people emojis that now appear more lifelike and also feature multiple skin tones and genders.

“I love the multiple skin tones,” said Galvan. “I think it’s kind cool because it kinda resembles yourself. But I don’t like how you can’t change the skin color on the family emojis.” iOS10 has had positive and negative reviews about their new improvements.

According to data from a technology website called Brandwatch, user’s response to the update is more positive than negative with 59.8 percent of mentions being positive and 67 percent being negative.

Since the iOS update, Apple has been the #1 trend on social media and has also received many buyers for the new iPhone 7.