Mayoral candidate Michael Tubbs gains endorsements, traction in community


With the elections on Nov. 8, the Young Democrats of San Joaquin County have endorsed Stockton City Councilman Michael Tubbs for Stockton Mayor.

“The Young Dems of San Joaquin is a collective of young democrats who endorse and work with candidates, who partner up with other groups and participate at events and are usually really involved with the community,” said the secretary of the Young Dems Itzel Godinez.

For the last six years the Young Dems have been involved with the San Joaquin County community.

“As of February of this year we have 20 members,” said vice president Jefferson Leiva.

According to the Young Democrats of San Joaquin County website,, the group came together in 2012 with the “the goal of creating an organization that would promote democratic values and foster political and community involvement for our youth.”

The Young Dems haven’t taken any concrete initiatives to demonstrate support for Tubbs but the group knows for certain the actions it will soon take.

“When it comes to time what we will do is we will work closer with the campaign office in March Lane and that is when we will start working with Michael Tubbs and other endorse candidates,” said Leiva.

Tubbs was also recently endorsed by The Record newspaper.

The Stockton Police Officer Association endorsed Tubbs in early August.

The Truman Club of San Joaquin endorsed Tubbs around the same time The Young Dems.

Current Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva’s website shows no endorsements.

Since Silva’s arrest on charges relating to illegally recording an alledged strip poker game during the summer, many Stockton citizens are getting behind Tubbs.

When asked why they support Tubbs, Delta College students addressed the controversy with Silva.

“I wouldn’t want him to be because of the stories I’ve heard,” said Anthony Owens, a Delta student.

One of the main factors that contribute to Tubbs qualifying and receiving the Young Dems endorsement is the claim he returned Stanford to help the Stockton community.

“As a district council and as being part of District 6 and the council he was able to bring positive change to South Stockton,” said Leiva. “He is very outgoing to the community and he shows a lot of care for the people of Stockton.”