Delta College forums hosts congressional and supervisor candidates


On Oct. 13 both Moses Zapien and Tom Patti introduce themselves and told the audience why they’ve chosen to run for the position of San Joaquin Supervisor .

Zapien plans on improving literacy, supporting the growth of local shops and more.

Patti stated he and the citizens of Stockton share a commonality, wanting to improve the direction of where the community is going, before mentioning his concerns about what Zapien did after leaving a non-profit organization to get into public service.

“We’re seeing a lack of leadership, and we’re seeing things that aren’t being done at the supervisor level and weren’t done at the council level that causes me concern to want to run and be in this race,” said Patti.

The forum went smoothly, that is until a question relating to the county’s pension liability was brought up, where Zapien claims he has already implemented a similar plan to Patti’s to solve the decreasing liability pension problem and that this plan is bringing in more money than what Patti’s suggestion would.

“We are aware of our pension liability,” stated Zapien, “so when we make decisions in terms of the budget, which is a 1.4 billion budget, much larger than my opponent’s small business budget, we have to be mindful of all the things that we have to balance.”

When Zapien finished his answer, Patti turned his attention towards him.

“I just want to say, if you are insulting that I have a small business compared to you following staff, and never signing the front side of a check, there’s a dramatic difference when you have something on the line, and you actually have stakes in the game. So don’t ever,” Patti continued. “Ever insult a small business employer. That’s 70% percent of our jobs locally. That’s where your salary gets paid from.”

Also, during his closing statement Patti alleged that Zapien had lied on his resume.

The final candidates participating in the Oct. 13 Forum were Jerry McNerney and Tony Amador.

Before the second Forum started, McNerney supporters could be seen standing in front of the west forum with signs, chanting his name.

The questions panelist directed towards McNerney and Amador differed from the questions asked to Zapien and Patti; these questions asked what the Candidates stance was on things such as immigration, terrorism and equal rights.

One may perceive McNerney’s stance on immigration to be lighter, as he stated that Amador supports Donald Trump’s plan; building a wall across the borders.

The two differ in opinions.

Instead of pulling our troops out of the Middle East, McNerney said America should help contain ISIS.

Amador would rather pull our troops out of the Middle East and not get involved in things that he feels doesn’t concern us.

The candidates’ position on the equal rights ratification deadline being pushed back were similar, being that equal rights is important and the deadline pushback isn’t a good thing.

The Oct. 14th Forums had three rounds, the first consisting of Candidates Dr. Teresa Brown, James Delian Melton, Carlos Muoretta And Kathy, and the second consisting of the Forum for the position Stockton City Council District 4 between councilmembers Michael Blower and Susan Lenz.