Next Gen Gaming Is Here


With this console generation in full swing, Sony and Microsoft are shaking things up in the console gaming space with the announcements of the Playstation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio respectively.

The consoles are upgraded versions of the current generation’s consoles, the PS4 and XBOX One, that will feature 4K resolution gaming and streaming, as well as support HDR displays.

Although the outcome from both companies seems similar, the philosophies are different.

CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House said during the PS4 Pro reveal event: “[Sony] named it PS4 Pro to symbolize that it is part of this generation,” and that it “will sit alongside and complement the standard PS4.”

This seems to indicate that Sony intends to follow the traditional cycle of console generations, and will eventually release an actual follow up to the PS4.

“I don’t think I need one. It would be too expensive and I’m cool with my PS4 right now,” said Delta College student Cesar Ortega.

Microsoft seems to think of their console differently, however.

During the E3 announcement of Project Scorpio, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, referred to the world Xbox was creating by designing Project Scorpio as one “beyond generations.”

Both the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio will play the current generation’s games and use the current generations accessories.

Although information on the Scorpio’s hardware is slim, there are some glaring differences.

Both consoles will be running on AMD hardware, however the GPU on the Scorpio clocks in at six teraflops, whereas the PS4 only clocks in at four teraflops of power. Basically, Project Scorpio looks like it will be 33 percent more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

This may not be a problem for the PS4 however.

According to Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry “Sony is using clever technology to make the Playstation 4 Pro punch above its weight visually,” said Richard Leadbetter on Digital Foundry’s Youtube video on the subject.

Another large difference is the PS4 Pro’s lack of a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive.

This gives the Scorpio an advantage in terms of it being more than just a gaming device. Broadband speeds in the US often struggle to stream 4K content and on the PS4 Pro streaming is your only way of getting 4K content such as movies and TV shows.

Considering that the Xbox hardware runs on Windows 10, developers should have an easy time optimizing games to run on the Scorpio.

It is still unknown to what extent the third party publishers will support both consoles, but given the circumstances, it’s is likely the Scorpio will see broader support in terms of visual output variety.

The PS4 Pro will be released Nov. 10 of this year, giving Sony a substantial head start on Microsoft with their Holiday 2017 release window for Project Scorpio, a window that could possibly be pushed back.

Delta student, Eduardo Murillo, doesn’t know much about the two, systems, but, doesn’t feel like he needs on. He says, “It’s too city,”

Given its $399 price tag and coming release, the PS4 Pro might satiate hardcore gamers and early adopters of 4K for the time being, with Project Scorpio down the line to fulfill the promise of true 4K gaming and video.