Tru Hope Youth Summit to help Students pick career, college


Wondering where you should transfer after San Joaquin Delta College?

Ever wonder what other schools have to offer?

What about financial aid?

On Friday, Oct. 28, United Way of San Joaquin will present the Tru Hope Youth Summit and College & Career Fair in the Stockton Arena. It will be an event targeting recent high school graduates but will also be opened to the public or any students looking to transfer.

“Exciting, Motivating, and Educating,” said Sophie Soth, chamber of commerce employee, when asked to describe the event in her own words.

The college fair will offer a variety of colleges including CSUs, vocational schools, (cosmetology being one) and community colleges. San Joaquin Delta College will have 13 different representatives at the event out of the 90 that are to be at the event. Furthermore, representatives of military branches and local businesses will also be present.

The point of set up being to “give students the education to later have jobs in the San Joaquin County,” said Soth.

The plan for the event is that it would start out with students spending time with a motivational speaker then to later move on with the representatives for Tru Hope who will talk to them about what they do.

As stated on the Tru Hope Summit site, the team is a collection of “dreamers” that possess certain talents that have made them the individuals people know today. Talent or “craft” will vary from story tellers, recording artists, spoken word poets, professional athletes, artists and stunt men and women.