Forum at Delta nears as mayoral race heats up online


On Friday, October 14th Democratic Councilmember Michael Tubbs and Republican Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva will face off in a debate hosted by San Joaquin Delta College in the schools South Forum.

Hosted by the League of Women Voters, both candidates will be pressed on issues that Stockton has to deal with, from a lackluster economy to a high crime rate and they will have to share their ideas on how to successfully tackle these issues.

Silva will have to convince Stocktonians that, despite his eccentricities and controversies that he is still the best candidate to help Stockton.

Representative of the League of Women’s Voters Kathy Casenave is convinced the night will go well “I expect the night to go well.  Both candidates participated in the May primary forum at Delta and gave thoughtful and informed answers to the questions posed,”

Anthony Silva recently had a meltdown on Facebook demanding constituents to imagine in Stockton’s problems, venting over the fact that he seems to be losing the election, and then asking his followers to ask themselves “ask yourself, why people would give so much money to a twenty six year old that lives with his mother and doesn’t pay bills? Why would they want him to manage a six million dollar budget?”

Tubbs, however didn’t take this sitting down, as he responded with a more concise comment stating “Imagine a city with the right leadership that is able to realize its full potential and put together strategic and actionable plans and policies to create a safer community with opportunity for its residents. Imagine a city where leadership does more than fear monger but inspires and brings people together to solve the real challenges it faces… that’s the city I plan to lead as your mayor in 34 days.