Tubbs makes history


Tuesday brought Donald Trump’s surprising victory over Hillary Clinton, but also a landslide victory and shake-ups in local races.


Trump’s 279 confirmed electoral votes to Clinton’s 228, as of press time, came after an evening of too close to call races. The same isn’t true of Stockton’s mayoral race.

When initial results posted around 8:20 p.m., Michael Tubbs was already ahead with a wide margin.

Tubbs, the youngest man elected to the office in Stockton’s history, won by 70.4 percent of the vote.

Tubbs is also the city’s first black mayor.

“It’s an invitation to believe again,” said Tubbs, at a result-watching event held in downtown Stockton. “I know talking to folks throughout the city, people have lost hope, in Government, in City Hall.”

When asked about what his first task to tackle as mayor, Tubbs said he would hound after Stockton’s violent crime problem through the use of community policing and work on the city’s homelessness plan.

Kayla Shipley, a supporter of Tubbs, attended the event.

She is optimistic about Stockton’s next four years.

“Opportunities for a lot of other people … for people who aren’t given a chance to be seen usually,” she said. “For him it’s like showing that there are other people in this city that matter and he wants to show that he cares about them as well.”

Mayor Anthony Silva published a Facebook statement on Wednesday conceding defeat.

“One of the most difficult things to do in life is accept defeat. Congratulations to Michael Tubbs, he is the new Mayor-Elect. This afternoon I will call him to personally congratulate him and offer my support. Tubb’s reaction in light of the news was simple,” wrote Silva.

The full text, which asks resident to “not rush to judge” new leaders, can be viewed on Silva’s Facebook page.

Tubbs responded simply to his win.

“I feel excited to be the next mayor of Stockton,” he said.

At the national level, despite Clinton’s massive rally/concert featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z and the initial cutting-edge closeness of the general election, Trump managed to seal the victory.

Canada’s immigration website crashed as Trump’s victory became a certainty.

Trump also took 47 percent of the entire popular vote to Clinton’s 48 percent. Gary Johnson gained three percent and only one percent went to Jill Stein.

The Democrats failed to gain the House of Representatives or the Senate, in short, the Republicans won nationally across the board.

The San Joaquin Delta College Board of Trustees will only see one new face soon, as two incumbents retained their seats.

C. Jennet Stebbins won Area 1 with 54.79 percent of the vote, Carlos Huerta took Area 2 with 54.39 percent over incumbent Claudia Moreno-Rabago and Teresa R. Brown held on to Area 6 with 67.88 percent of the vote.