EXAMINATION PREPARATION: Tips and tricks to getting by, getting out



Procrastination and cramming in late hours of studying has never gotten you anywhere that’s not stressful.

Instead you should plan ahead. Make a to-do list, use a planner, set reminders on your phone or use the “two minute” rule, if you can get it done in two minutes do it at the moment. It works!

Don’t forget eliminating procrastination can mean sacrifice.

Yes, you might miss a girl/guys night out but you’ll feel better after passing your exams.


There is nothing more harmful to your body and mind than depriving it of sleep. You will function better, your cognitive senses will improve and you will just all around feel better.

Avoid any blue light emissions from electronics 30 minutes to an hour before sleep so that your natural sleep process is not disrupted. Plus, no one wants to be the person asleep in class.


Sorry coffee lovers.

Coffee and energy drinks in excess will have the opposite effect on the body and will cause it to crash, sabotaging yourself before an exam.

If you decide to have caffeine make sure you are also hydrating with water. Stimulants can negatively affect your ability to sleep or stay awake in some instances. Try to get up and stretch periodically to get the blood flowing instead.


Remember to always feed your body the nutrients it needs.

Keep in mind a good balanced breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner. Being hungry throughout the day is a distraction and will interfere with your learning process.

It’s a good idea to prepare a few snacks the night before to make sure you’re keeping your body fueled throughout the day.


If you find yourself struggling with a subject, a study group is perfect for college students.  Having your peers teach you in a different perspective might just be what you need. You will also be more accountable for showing up and contributing.


If you find yourself looking at your phone repeatedly, it’s time to put it away. The least you can do is silence your phone if you must have it near you.

Turn off the T.V and go somewhere quiet. If you don’t have a quiet space at home, you can take advantage of your school library.

Ask yourself whether the things in front of you are necessary
(i.e.  tablets, laptops and food.).