Millennials: Generation not taken seriously


By the looks of it millennials seem to get the worst of it. 

A generation frowned upon.

A “lazy” generation.  

We’re on our phones, laptops, tablets or video games too much according to much of the generations before us.

But are we really?

I don’t know if the world hasn’t noticed but we are living in a technology driven world. 

We have the ability to communicate through apps, social media and the internet at all times. Having so much communication at our fingertips makes it hard to escape.

When you walk around campus there is very few students you will see reading a book because usually there’s earphones in and a phone in hand, but that shouldn’t determine what we do throughout our entire day.

According to a Pew Research Center article article from Oct. 2015,  80 percent of young adults from the ages 18-29 were reading significantly more than the average American adults 30-49, at 71 percent.

Not only do millennials read more but also prefer print more than reading online or on a screen compared to many adults over the ages of 30. 

It seems like certain adults should lay off the Facebook ranting and maybe should pick up a book too.

When millennials get called lazy, it feels insulting to some. 

Yes, very insulting for a few reasons.

Many students and young adults work multiple jobs to just get by. Students tend to take longer to receive an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree too.

Here at Delta College the average transfer time went from two years to three years. 

Not only are schools like Delta College impacted but also getting pricier. 

Currently costing $46 a unit. Meaning on average a full time student is paying $550 not including other expenses. 

In most cases these students are paying it themselves and it is nowhere near the potential risk of thousands that most will go into debt once in a four-year institution with increasing tuition costs.

This generation isn’t taken very seriously either. 

We are put down and looked at as a joke many times.

This generation on the other hand is innovative and holds some of the world’s next leaders. 

Stockton alone has a great example, Michael Tubbs, 26 year old Stockton native who is running for mayor of Stockton.

The entire millennial generation should not be judged because of a few bad seeds. 

A generation born into a world where adjusting to change is almost second nature. 

Don’t doubt us. 

We are the future.