Saying farewell, thank you to President Barack Obama


The man who campaigned on hope and taught Americans “yes we can” and “yes we did”.

A scandal free president.

The election of 2016 has come to an end and so has Obama’s presidency. It has been 2 terms of Obama as president and the man deserves an enormous dose of gratitude.In the past eight years America has seen some exceptional changes with Obama’s lead.

Health care reform or the affordable care act of 2010 that Obama signed off on has created universal health insurance.

Obama has helped 9 million people receive new health insurance while 4 percent of uninsured Americans have access to health care for the first time according to NBC news.

Obama has also ended disputes with other countries and has improved the nation’s image globally.

By ending the war in Iraq Obama not only eliminated Osama Bin Laden but all those American troops were able to reunite with their families back in the states.

With the reopened embassy in Cuba we can now travel and do business in Cuba.

Obama has made progress in making America more equal.

By taking out policies such as “Don’t ask don’t tell” gays and lesbians are able to serve in the military openly.

While being the President the Supreme court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in the U.S.

Obama has awarded more ways for students to receive money with his competitive race to the top grants.

Now there are no more surprises from credit card companies.

Credit card reform has put an end raising rates without advance notifications, the reform also forces credit card companies to uphold a grace period on interest rate increases and limits overdraft and other fees.

In fact, Michelle Obama deserves a thank you as well.

With the help of her husband she launched the healthy hunger free kids act of 2010 which increased nutritional and health standards in school lunches.

I’ll miss the power and emotion Obama used in his speeches, as well as how fashionable and articulate our first lady was whenever she was in public.

The Obamas, whether you loved or hated them, were an American family that used the platform of the first family to help improve the nation we live in today