We must go beyond what we know


We must go beyond what we know, travel and explore the far flung reaches of the world and tell stories of the glories of our journey. 

This was my belief as I hefted up the back pack that carried an atlas, a tent, a sleeping bag, a lighter, a camp kitchen set and clothes for all weather. From 1996 to 2000, I explored America on a walkabout, traveling for next to nothing.

There are ways and means to go about having an amazing, life changing, road trip if you know where to look. 

Whether you would like to delve deep into the wilderness, tour the festival circuits, find seasonal work at resorts, or volunteer to live and work on an organic farm or intentional community, there are resources on the web to help you make the connections needed on your journey.




The Rainbow Family of Living Light is a loose collection of humans gathering to live together in a different National Forest each summer since 1970. 

All events are free and food is provided. It’s primitive but organized camping, far from towns and cities. Expect to carry all supplies at least a mile from the parking area. 

You’ll be welcomed with open arms and are expected to help chop wood and carry water. Creativity, free love and self-expression are encouraged.




Communities are a mixed assembly of individuals and families residing together on a common estate. Many have cottage industries where residents work together 

“The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cooperative culture. 

Believing that intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution,” according to the website, which hosts a worldwide directory of ecovillages, communes and co-ops seeking visitors and new members. 

There are 228 communities in California alone. 

Hospitality ranges from space for camping, to rooms in great houses and mansions. 



This website is a platform for people in neighborhoods all over America and the world to post invitations to travelers to spend the night, free of charge, in their homes. 

If you know you will be in a certain city on a certain day, you can find a place to stay by emailing prospective hosts.



This website is a springboard where you can find lists of festivals. 

Most large weekend festivals have an area for volunteer applications on the event’s website.Instead of paying for an expensive ticket as a spectator, contact the festival organizers a month in advance. 

If you are selected, you often get food and lodging as well as being on the inside track to get the full backstage experience.



Seasonal help wanted ads from resorts around the world. Search by season, state, National Park, or work categories such as: housekeeping, restaurants, retreats and conference centers, outdoor adventure, beach, ski, camp, and ranch, resorts. 

All you need is a good resume and a winning online interview and you could be earning money while being provided lodging in some of the most beautiful locations on earth.

When you go beyond what you know, you become more than you were before. 

By taking a leap of faith, and courageously going forth into the world, you build up resilience and self-reliance. 

By challenging yourself to work with others in service to the greater good, you learn how to negotiate, compromise and lead.