Love Trumps hate: Delta students walkout of class for protest


Peaceful Donald Trump protestors are spreading their message on delta college until 1:30 p.m..

“The reason of our protest, the reason why we are doing this, is because we want to bring people together throughout all this division and throughout the separation,” said Nathaniel Vutthy. “We already have hate in this country, we don’t want to push hate because protests usually sought to be hateful and violent. No. We are doing peaceful protesting to bring people together.”

“Love Trumps Hate” is their slogan. It’s simple and allows people to interpret it however they want.

The protestors came on to campus with intentions of spreading words of good spirit instead of trying to knock people down. Their intentions were to show that peace always overrules hate.

“We haven’t said anything disturbing or anything to come at [Donald] Trump in a negative way. All we are saying is love Trumps hate,” Eugene Crusto.

Trumps Campaign has been filled with bigotry and hate towards minorities. Particularly with his extreme ideas and ideologies. However, most of the racism has come from his supporters.

The demonstrations today followed in a long line of other protests going on across the nation.

College students, in particular, are at the forefront trying to have their voices be heard. With the students having walkouts on college campuses.

Especially after trump appointed Steven Bannon, a notorious white nationalist, to Chief White House Strategist.

“Just to let people know that love is the cure for everything, instead of hate. This whole election has been hate pushed, when really we just trying to push love,” said Crusto.