Delta College football players earn All Conference awards


It’s more than just a game.

It’s a savage sport that combines the cathartic discharge of aggression with the elegance of athletic dexterity.

Football is a sport that shows every play build with anticipation. All 11 players on each team are intricately involved in every play.

In a way, it’s controlled chaos. Jacob Wall, 19, is a Delta College student who plays football — right tackle on the offensive line.

Even though he’s a defensive player at heart the coaches put him as right tackle because one was needed so “(he) stepped in and filled the role,” he said.

Although when he’s out on that field “(he) just gets (his) adrenaline going” in a way that makes him want to “throw people around.”

Wall said he likes being on the field for the adrenaline rush.

“I treat the field like a war zone,” said Wall. “Because I play in the trenches.”

On Sunday, Nov. 13 Wall received the All Valley Conference Award as first team player.

The All Conference Award is an award voted on by the head coaches of every team in the league. They recognize individuals that stood out, who did the best in their position out of conference teams and those who made a big contribution to team accomplishments.

When he heard he got the award he was a bit shocked due to all the talent they have on the team. “I was also grateful to be picked out as someone who was noticed,” he said.

Colten Mallete, 20, also a Delta student who plays football, received the All Conference Award as well. He was given the award at his position as a center.

“And I have them to thank for their guidance in the game,” said Mallete.

Mallete said he was also grateful to receive the award and “grateful to have coaches that think so highly of me.”

The best moments as a center was blocking with his offensive line and “watching our running back score without being touched,” he said.

He said feels comfortable snapping the ball and blocking at the same time so the center position was best suited for him.

He also enjoys being out on the football field during practice because he describes it as energetic — “with a team as competitive as ours it’s hard not to stay hyped on the field.”

Wall said starting all year as a freshman and winning a bowl game it “was an accomplishment in itself.”

A bowl game is for the team’s that barely didn’t make the playoffs.

Delta won the Gridiron Classic Bowl in 2015.

“But I was lucky enough to start both years at Delta,” Wall said. “And help change the way Delta’s O-line is looked at across the league.”

He was given an opportunity to mentor incoming freshmen to keep Delta’s athletic offensive line crisp.

Mentoring is one of the most important parts of leaving as a sophomore Wall said, “because I am able to use what I learned with my two years at delta to help better the freshmen to hopefully get looked at by scouts and eventually move onto the next level.