Fans to be reimbursed after Kanye ends show


Kanye in hospital after cutting performance short at Golden 1 Center

Kanye West has always been known to speak his mind and his concerts are no exception.

He’s been trending on social media for his comments made during his show in San Jose, Nov. 17 at the SAP Center while on the Saint Pablo tour.

During the San Jose show he announced he would have voted for President-elect Donald Trump, if he would have participated in the 2016 election and he also urged African Americans to stop looking at racism as a forefront issue in the United States.

Kanye, enjoying the spotlight his last rant at the San Jose show brought him, decided to continue the wave at his Sacramento stop on Nov. 19 at the Golden One Center.

“Oh yeah I’m on my Trump sh*t tonight,” said Kanye at his Sacramento show.

However, Kanye’s rant got him a rude awakening once the crowd lost interest in all the talking.

The concertgoers booed him for cutting the concert short after ending his long and high emotion rant.

I was one of the many fans in attendance in Sacramento.

The show was set to start at 9 p.m., but Kanye didn’t come out until after 10:30 p.m.

I don’t think I would have been as upset at the late start had there been a house DJ just to get the mood right.

Instead when I got to my seat the only thing I heard playing were creepy instrumentals that included wolf howling and soft chimes. It had a very sinister feel.

The wait at first felt worth it when the show finally began.

Kanye opened with “Father Stretch My Hands Part 1” with special guest Kid Cudi who is featured on the song itself.

Kid Cudi has also been a topic in Kanye’s previous Saint Pablo tour rants for mentioning Kanye’s name on his Twitter account.

Back in September Kid Cudi called out a list of rappers for using ghostwriters that including Kanye.

When Kanye heard about the tweets he told Kid Cudi to never mention his name.

Kid Cudi was the first and last guest to appear on the tour alongside Kanye.

I personally enjoyed seeing that Kid Cudi and Kanye had settle their issues and even hugged onstage that night.

Kanye’s sniffles got picked up by the mics while they hugged it out as the first song played in the background.

Kanye continued the show with his songs “Waves, Part 2” and “Famous” all are from his latest album “The Life of Pablo” before telling sound to cut the track because he had something to say.

In a long rant Kanye names like Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Drake, Dj Khaled, radio and MTV.

He told majority of the people listed they had either screwed up crossing him or urging them to give him a phone call so they can talk it out.

The concert itself lasted less than 30 minutes.

Kanye performed four songs before his rant and once the rant was over, so was his show.

“The media gonna have a field day with this one because the shows over,” said Kanye as he jumps off the stage.

The last thing that was heard was the microphone dropping.

The lights cut on and the upset audience fled their seats and went looking for refunds.

Those wanting a refund including myself were given upon request.

I don’t hate Kanye. I just wished he would have performed the entire set instead of cutting the show early. What he did wasn’t enough for me.

Kanye is one of my favorite rappers.

I left that night so upset that I don’t think I will ever see myself paying to him in concert again.

As fans we go see artist in concert to escape the worries of our daily problems.

Kanye turned a night out into a night of disappointment. The remaining dates on the Saint Pablo tour have since been cancelled.