Alumni attack in water


On Sept. 18, the men’s water polo team held its annual alumni game were former Delta college players take on current Mustangs.

“It was great we love having our alumni back, it was fun I did have a steal convert attack assist for the game winner, and it’s nice that I can jump in and play,”said men’s water polo head coach Mike Maroney.

Both sides kept the match competitive, with the alumni team finishing the game with back and forth scoring.

“I think we kept up well with Delta, I’m really excited to see how Delta is going to be  good for this year. The team is gonna do better than how our team did,” said Jonathan Sotello, who played for Delta in the 2014 season.

Sotello currently plays for San Jose State University.

“It’s fun, hard, it becomes a job, but it’s still water polo, and as long as you have the heart,” said Sotello.

Fans enjoyed watching the game.

“The game was fun to watch, it was hot, but watching them play in the pool having fun, cooled me down a little,” said Gina Hughes, a former student at Delta.

Before the alumni Delta held the 38th Attila Memorial WKA Tournament named after the first central valley coach William Antilla.

Antilla started the first water polo team in the University of the Pacific in 1963.

The top 15 teams in the Northern California compete.

“We did great, we are missing our head captain Jay Halva, and we played the top two teams in Northern California  and I think we we are in the conversation in the top team, in the state,” said Maroney

Halva is currently injured with a cut on his eye.

Halva made six goals against San Diego Mesa College, during the Nyquist Tournament at Sept 9, and 10th

“Our men’s water polo team went 4 for 2 this weekend, and are competitive and looking to improve in our skill,” said Maroney.