Delta hosts Northern California Regional tournament


Delta College will be hosting the Northern California Regional wrestling tournament on Saturday, Dec. 3.

“We hosted regionals three or four years ago and hosted state the following year, we weren’t supposed to have regionals, but the team that was supposed to do it couldn’t do it so we’re excited to be wrestling and hosting regionals,” said wrestling Head Coach Michael Sandler.

Setting up a tournament has meant a lot of planning and consideration.

Sandler has coached for Delta and Lincoln high schools and is experienced in setting up tournaments.

The day before the tournament the wrestling team must get three mats set up, so the teams traveling have a place to practice.

“It’s like clockwork, and make sure the coaches are fed, and get to wrestling and making the tournament runs smoothly,” said Sandler.

Delta is currently ranked 18th in the state for team rankings.

There are several wrestlers that are honorable mentioned for Delta College which are Ian Morken at weight class 133s, Carlos Vasquez 141s, Justin Loveall 184s and Vincent Estus at 194s .

“Honestly I’ve been like honorable mention all year, which is its place top eight and five other guys they say are good I really don’t care about it. I just worry about being ready come regionals and state other than that it doesn’t really matter to me,” said Morken

Daryl Arroyo, who has a background as a Hall of Fame wrestler and coach, is the Athletic Director for Delta and is the administrative representative for the Northern California wrestling conference.

Arroyo will be at the seating to vote on who is the coach of the year, wrestler of the year and  new rules that will be implemented in the Big 8.  

“It’s exciting that we are hosting the regional wrestling event and hoping to bring in a big crowd to help give our team the boost of the homefield advantage,“ said Arroyo.