Nine ways the 90’s are making a comeback


While it’s not uncommon for certain decades to influence one another, 2016 has definitely received a heavy dose of the 90’s.

  1. Chokers: Whether you love them or hate them, chokers have officially resurrected. From Melissa Joan-Hart to Rihanna, chokers can be found in all sorts of different materials, such as velour, satin ribbon, and faux leather, as opposed to the typical braided-plastic ones. Chokers can be found at all sorts of retail stores such as Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie and Forever 21. Crystal Ekas, a student at Delta college, said “I love them, because it’s very kinky.”
  2. Shoes: One of the most creative fashion ideals from the 90’s is shoes. With shoes ranging from platform sandals, jellies and Dr. Marten’s the possibilities are endless. With such shoes like this being back in style, tennis shoes simply don’t cut it anymore.
  3. Lipstick: As for makeup, girls have recently taken a page from Rachel Green, of the 90’s sitcom “Friend’s.” Rachel’s character, played by Jennifer Aniston, is well known for wearing her signature brown/burgundy lipstick, which has recently made a huge comeback in the makeup industry, especially among celebrities.
  4. Shows: For 90’s kids and fellow millennials, it’s very likely that you grew up watching shows such as “Hey Arnold” or “Full House.” If you’ve ever found yourself feeling nostalgic towards these shows, then you will be thrilled to learn that a continuation of “Full house” titled “Fuller House” was made this year and can be found on Netflix. “Hey Arnold” is also currently being made into a movie.
  5. Grunge: One common theme that has been resurfacing amongst celebrities and young adults, is that of grunge. Grunge icons such as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love helped establish several grunge trends, that you can find on people all around you. You might see them wearing a green and black or red and black flannel, or a slip with a T-shirt underneath, with tousled shoulder-length hair. Maggie Hodson, another Delta College student, said “I like 90’s fashion, I like grunge.”
  6. Music: The 90’s wouldn’t be the same without punk bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day and Blink 182. When Green Day and Blink 182 decided to comeback and release new music this year, nostalgia was definitely in the air.
  7. Hairstyles: Whether you copied hairstyles from the Spice Girls or Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, you’ll be pleased to find out that corn rows, space buns and textured natural hair are definitely back in. The 90’s played a huge role in allowing people to take risks with new styles, especially hairstyles.
  8. Clothes: From crop tops to floral dresses, such articles of clothing have become everyday necessities for us, but did you know the 90’s was responsible for these iconic fashion pieces.
  9. Denim: From mom jeans to jean jackets, both men and women can be found decked head to toe in denim. The 90’s are to thank for initially breaking the denim on denim fashion rule.