Player leaves Nebraska to be a Mustang


The Delta College Mustangs have a team of 53 players  but only one who transferred in from a Division I school.

Derrion Grim, a former local high school football player who graduated from McNair, recently returned to Stockton after being accepted to the University of Nebraska.

Grim spent the summer in Nebraska.

“It was just complication with the coaches, I wasn’t comfortable with the school,” said Grim, a wide receiver. Grim isn’t the first player to return from Nebraska.

In 2012 Nebraska scouted Stagg High School quarterback Brian Wood.

Wood returned to Delta after his first year.

“It was more trouble with the coaches and the offense it wasn’t what they promised,” said Grim of his reason for leaving Nebraska.

Nebraska current record is 3-0 who blew out their first two opponents, winning by double digits, and are ranked 20th in the NCAA

Grim is already off to a strong start for the Mustangs.

He help the team by making a reception in the last two minutes of the Sept. 10th game against De Anza college that led to a touchdown, giving the team its first win of the season.

Other players are excited to have him on the team.

“He doesn’t have the superstar attitude, which is amazing,” said quarterback Jake Pruitt.

Coaches also are enthusiastic too.

“We’re excited he’s a good player and on top of that he’s a good kid and I think all our guys are respectful and humble and this game is unique,” said head coach Gary Barlow.

Grim decided to come to Delta, because this is his hometown and wants to give back to the community.

Grim is likely staying with Delta for one season and planning to transfer.

He doesn’t know where to yet, but he said that he is going to stay on the west coast.

Currently the Mustangs are 1-2 after falling to Santa Rosa last weekend.