Delta professors remembered at Horton Gallery


A memorial exhibition remembering two former Delta College art professors, Bruce Duke and Stephen Gyermeck, is running through Feb. 10.

Duke and Gyermeck died in October 2016.

A reception was held on Jan. 28.

Duke’s sculptures were influenced by the abstract expressionist movement of the 1960s. Duke’s artwork was also influenced by his Greek background and his interest in Greek culture and architecture.

Duke once stated his “greatest passion was in teaching the art of ceramics.” Duke taught ceramics at Delta College from 1948 to 1987.

Gyermeck was born in Budapest, Hungary and had to flee to Holland after World War II in order to escape Communist religious persecution.

The influence of Germanic expressionism is found in Gyermeck’s work.

Gyermeck studied in Amsterdam and then in Spain. Gyermeck considered his mosaic at the Sagrada Familia de Urgal college as his most important work in Spain.

Gyermeck immigrated to the States in 1957, living in Oklahoma before moving to Stockton in 1965.

He worked at Delta College from 1970 to 1998.