Men are becoming the new face of make up


Beginning in 2015 to now there has been an explosive movement on social media of makeup artists, makeup lovers and supporters.

The majority of women and men who use social media outlets as a self-promoting platform in the makeup industry are using it for a potentially growing business.

Yes, men, who aren’t new to the business. Men have amazing skills in this industry and are becoming the face of the beauty industry.

In 2016 Cover Girl made James Charles, a 17-year-old, their first male ambassador.

He is a makeup artist that shares his work on YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets and he is not alone.

Men are being recognized for their talents and are slowly changing the way society views the way men express themselves by wearing makeup. Some of these men are Manny Guiterrez, or MannyMua733, who has also become an ambassador for Maybelline Cosmetics, Patrick Simondac, (Patrick Starr) who is now an ambassador for NYX cosmetics, Angel Merino, (Mac_daddyy) who is a celebrity makeup artist.

These men are influential and changing the game. Merino, for instance, has the makeup line Artist Couture, that is thriving. Gutierrez and Simondac also have makeup in collaboration with some top makeup lines. These men are bringing something new to the table. They are showing young men and women that regardless of social norms and the judgement of others you can be successful doing what you love.

“I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard,” said Charles, on an Instagram post after his Cover Girl announcement.

Throughout the internet there are negative comments and posts about men and makeup but I think that we need to give a round of applause to these courageous individuals for allowing themselves to blossom through adversity and criticism.

Men have been in this industry for a very long time doing women’s makeup.  Makeup artists make models’ looks fabulous, your wedding photos look impeccable and inspire makeup lovers everywhere.

So what’s the difference? There is none.

“Men are wearing makeup to express themselves is just like any other form of expression. Just because I don’t express myself that way doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” said Aaron Chavez.

Just because teen boys and men are now showcasing their skills does not mean anything has changed. Men have been wearing makeup for a long time. Your local news anchor wears makeup everyday he’s on air. Now men are getting the same recognition women are and its part of equality. So others shouldn’t discriminate or “hate” just because something is different. We live in a diverse world and should embrace it.