Why a new semester sucks


The spring semester has begun and so has all the annoying details of a brand new semester.

First of all parking during the first few weeks is terrible.

Sure Delta holds off on enforcing parking permits on the first week, which I greatly appreciate.Be that as it may, I still don’t enjoy dodging potholes in the Shima parking lot or the mile-long hikes to class from all the congestion in the parking lots.

A student’s best bet if seeking a decent parking spot is to be at least an hour early to class.
How inconvenient is that?

Not only is it hard to find a spot in the parking lots, but it can also be difficult finding a seat in the classroom as well.

It’s a known fact that someone is going to drop the class after the first day so students on the waitlist love to sit in on the lectures causing the space in the room to shrink almost instantly.

However, the classroom isn’t the only place crowded with students.

The passing periods that allow students time to walk from class to class are also another annoying factor of the new semester.

Sometimes the pathways are so full it legit feels like you’re in a walking traffic stop.

I especially dislike it when students stop in the middle of a walkway to have a chat with someone or even tie their shoelaces.

If you want to have a conversation sit with your friend in Danner Hall.

If you need to tie your shoe get out of the walkway and find a place nearby.

Just keep the walkways clear some people like to be on time if not early to class.

Getting off campus can be just as time consuming as trying to get on campus.

It seems like every student gets out of class at the same time that I’m trying to leave.

So of course there is bumper-to-bumper traffic everyday on my commute home.

Another aggravating factor of the new semester is that some professors expect the students to have all their class materials by the second class meeting.

Financial aid isn’t distributed on the first week, so I’m not going to have it all together by the next class.

On top of that some professors even hand out homework on the first week.

I’m not even sure if I want to take this class and now I’ve got 50 pages to read from a book I haven’t even purchased yet.

All in all the first week of a new semester can be aggravating but things start to wind down after the first month and then I’m able to park wherever I want.