Nintendo switches off its fans


Hype: The public’s intense need to throw hundreds of dollars at something they see once and the company who owns the product reacts with “oh, yeah, look at these awesome five things about our product, you don’t want to be the unlucky few who don’t have it, right?”

Oh, society, you’re foolish enough to pay $300 aren’t you?

I’m of course referring to the recent popularity bomb that dazed and stupefied most of the world, the reveal of the Nintendo Switch.

On Jan. 12, Nintendo live-streamed a presentation of its brand new hand-held console, the Nintendo Switch, highlighting its capabilities with motion control, the different modes for playing at home or on the road and the impressive release schedule for games coming in 2017.

Nintendo also made sure to mention the console would be up for pre-order the next day.

The console sold out of pre-orders at four of the five retailers it was available at in one day. Within the next week it sold out completely.

So, big whoop, people want to play Mario, Zelda and other things in between. It’s not like they have to wait years to have a use for the console, unlike the Wii U which was and still is a piece of garbage.

The big whoop is Nintendo decided to wait until just recently to release the full details on the system’s hardware, conveniently after it ran out of pre-orders.

Let me be completely blunt; those who pre-ordered wasted $300.

It’s bad. Wii U bad.

The system has an expected six-hour battery life as reported by, which is cool until they hit you with a three-hour charge time.

Trusted Reviews also revealed players can’t physically replace the battery in case it burns out.

The one game everyone wants to play “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will push the system to a limit of three-hour battery life.

The system itself only has 32 gigabytes of hard-drive space, as reported by

And you can only expand this amount with micro SD cards, but only after you download an update out of box to allow this.

Nintendo, I don’t blame you for making a crap console. Less powerful hardware means lower production costs making a cheaper product. Kudos to Nintendo for trying to be all inclusive.

But Nintendo doesn’t want anyone to have the Switch apparently.

GameStop and Target have canceled pre-orders of the Switch due to stock shortages, according to

How do you run out of stock on pre-orders, Nintendo? The dang thing hasn’t even shipped yet.

The company has always been about fun, family, providing for everyone and they have millions upon millions of people lining up to buy their newest product.

Nintendo doesn’t care, they’re going to ride this hype train all year, always teasing the people with a fresh shipment at a low price then snatching it back before they’ve had enough.

Never listen to the company that’s selling the product. It will always look like gold dipped ice cream, looks amazing, but there’s no way it could be good.