A ambivalent defense of Trump’s ‘ban’


Donald Trump has only been in office for a few weeks and yet he’s already had several protests against him, from the Women’s March to Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” four-year livestream, which has been ironically divided.

From just barely winning over Hillary Clinton to going through with what he promised about a temporary ban on the acceptance of refugees from seven middle eastern countries with notable problems with jihadi terrorism, to building a wall (or a fence as the case may be) along the southern border to curb illegal immigration, Trump can’t seem to not rustle peoples jimmies.

I am ambivalent.

However, I can’t help but feeling as though the political “left” in America (and the West in general) had created this problem, especially in regards to the ban.

The “left” for the most part, really didn’t want to discuss the more violent fundamentalist groups and generally let them slip past the radar in the initial phases of the refugees crises.

Initially, this was alright as the Islamic terrorist problem was contained mostly within Middle East, with ISIS still carving out territory.

Unfortunately, as the problem got worse and the left buried it’s head further into the sand, the right was picking up the cards, developing an incredible hand for a swath of easy victories.

The EU, primarily under Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, opened it’s borders entirely to the Syrian refugees. It was great show of beautifully open hearts and minds.

Unfortunately for them, without any proper way of vetting the growing number of asylum seeker applications, plenty of people who weren’t even Syrian nationals made their way in (and out) of Europe freely.

The already uncomfortable situation then turned lethal when in 2015 an organized group attacked several locations all over Paris, three suicide bombers attacked the Stade de France, several cafes and diners such as the La Petite Camboge & Le Carillon were shot.

The night escalated when armed men held hostage, tortured and murdered audience members of a Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan, taking 128 lives in one night.

This was the true start of a wave of terrorism that’s still being felt all across western Europe. Outside of terrorism, crime rates skyrocketed.

Rape and sexual assault went through the roof, according to news.com.au.

According to the Gatestone International Policy Council, migrants committed more than 400,000 crimes in Germany in 2015 alone.

For example, on the New Year’s Day just before 2016, Cologne, Germany experienced one of the worst sex attacks in it’s history.

Two thousand roaming migrants attacked more than 1,200 German women, often in large groups.

Videos can be found on YouTube showing women being forced to the ground, even down stairs by disturbingly large groups of men as they attempt to have their way with the women.

What do you think will happen if all of this comes to this country as well?

Personally, I think what little power the political left in this country maintains right now will melt away, the right will grow even more powerful than it is now, someone far worse than Trump will rise to the fore and then it’ll likely be a real ban, not just a hyperbolic, temporary one.

Let’s also not forget how trigger happy people already are in this country, throw in rising crime rates and terrorism and soon anyone who is a Muslim will have a target painted on their back, and that is another terrifying thing everybody should want to avoid.

All this said, it unlikely the refugees won’t have anywhere to go.

Trump signed an executive order demanding the Secretary of Defense and others look into developing safe zones for the Syrian refugees and King Salman of Saudi Arabia has said he would be willing to take in refugees.

Considering Saudi Arabia is one of the largest and wealthiest countries in the Middle East, it would be of great help, to the Syrians, the Europeans who can begin sending back some migrants and the US who will have a more free hand to pick and choose migrants.