Delta College hosts announcement party


The speakers rang loud on Feb. 16 with the music of The Rej3ctz to the announcement party for an unknown concert to be hosted by the Associated Students of Delta College at the end of the semester.
As the students danced to the hip hop songs performed by members of The Rej3ctz, Mowii and Bounc3, the crowd grew ecstatic with every song and even more when they announced who was the headliner later in this spring.
E-40 will perform and Lady Caress as emcee an event sponsored by ASDC on April 27.
“This event is only just the beginning,” said Cassie Murken ASDC Senator of Activities. “The next concert’s proceeds will go to scholarships and money for college.”
Delta College students who had a Mustang Pass received food and any individual can join the celebration.
The concert will be held at Atherton Auditorium.
Tickets for the concert are now on sale at the Delta College box office for 25$ before 35$ day of at the door.
All other information can be found in flyers around campus or with the ASDC.
The Rej3ctz are famous for creating new dances and showed the students of Delta College a new move and how to perform it to the dot.
This event is one of many college hour events hosted throughout the semester by ASDC.
“Even though I don’t really like hip-hop, it was still a nice event,” said Ernesto Flores, a Delta College student at the event “The environment was nice. People were really enjoying the music”
“The sound quality wasn’t as muffled as the last college hour. I was just passing by when I heard all the music,” said Aolani Sanchez “the food was great cuz who doesn’t love pizza right?”

Photos by Ramon Zuniga. The performers dance around and get the crowd dancing with them.