Fight for CSU Stockton continues


Stockton leaders continue advocating for a California State University campus in Stockton after the state press release from the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) on Jan 19.

Stockton is one of the largest cities in California without a public four-year university. 

An LAO state press release claimed new campuses aren’t warranted at this time due to measuring regional capacity and service.

Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) still aspires to land Stockton a state university that’s effective for the future of the community. 

Eggman’s spokesman, Christian Burkin, indicated the fight for a public university campus is still on.

“The presence of higher education to the K-12 population involved in school helps planning for college. It’s a major investment and good for all. Many students in Stockton are poor and don’t have the same resources and end up opting out, ” said Burkin.

The LAO release stated California’s college preparation is increasing statewide. One of the goals of the coalition is to start getting the city on the agenda and continuing college ready undergraduates into schools. 

However, many students of Delta College believe otherwise. 

“As a prospective transfer student, transferring from Delta to a different institution, I have to commute to either Stanislaus or Sacramento, maybe even Hayward. The other option is UOP, but with it’s high tuition, a lot of people opt for a CSU,” said Renee West, a Delta College student. 

Some of the closest campuses to Stockton are University of California, Davis, which is 68.8 miles away and California State University, Stanislaus ranges 39 miles away from Stockton. 

“It would help people that can’t afford to move out of Stockton when they could possibly get it from a public university here” said Melissa Leung, a Delta College student. 

The University of Stockton coalition claims to benefit the economy of Stockton in addition to the increasing the rate of K-12 population of college ready students. 

“If and when we get a public university, if we don’t fight for it we’ll regret it,” said Burkin.