‘Mom shaming’ not necessary


Motherhood is a tiresome and thankless road many women go through because it’s part of life.

It’s not as easy as it’s depicted on TV shows. It’s not cute or just a “walk through the park” with children.

It’s questioning whether it’s poop in your ngernails or chocolate. It’s facing your mini self ’s attitude then realizing they got that attitude from you.

It’s reaching your breaking point because you’ve done all you can do but it’s not enough or over.

Mom shaming is something that mom’s face, whether it’s breastfeeding, being a working-mom or just being in public with out of control children.

I’m a full-time student, part-time retail worker and a rst-time mommy to my six-month old son.

Being a mom woke me up to the judgmental society that we live in.

First off , if you don’t have thick skin when you’re
a mom then you’re like me – an emotional mess. I’m not perfect but everyone has his or her expectations of what a “good” mom is.

If I could rip out my hair every-time my son cried, I would, but I can handle that now because I grew stronger mentally. I can handle my son, but the judg- ment I will not stand for.

I’m not always kept together, especially as a mom. Is anyone really?

“She’s too young to be a mother” or “You’re not breastfeeding? You poor thing.”

ese are all mom shaming you might not notice

because you’re not a mom.
When I go to the grocery store with my WIC,

which is similar to food stamps/EBT, every person near me, sighs and glares with those “another one on governments money” looks.

WIC is what gives my son formula when it costs $25 a can and my paychecks are slim from calling out consistently because studying for a class exam was more important.

People judge me because my son is crying incon- solably because he eats every three hours and I had to rush to the store for more infant water.

I don’t need anyone telling me to pick up my son and console him. If I do that, things will never get done.

My son was one month premature and I wasn’t breastfeeding.

People told me to my face, my son wouldn’t be as strong like breastfed babies.

ey were all wrong. He grew from his four pounds to now being 16 pounds.

But the way they made me feel with those words put me in depression.

Let’s keep in mind when you see women with babies, they just had them. eir hormones are still bouncing o the walls.

Mom shaming needs to come to an end because we’re all just trying to gure things out.

Do people really think moms are OK with their children acting a fool in public?

If you see a mom with her kids throwing a tantrum in a grocery store line, go to a di erent line.

She doesn’t need your comments; maybe she doesn’t have the strength today.