#PressOn spotlights modern journalism


If you’ve been on any social media in the last couple weeks – mainly Twitter – you might have seen the hashtag #PressOn.

e campaign pushes the power of journalism and, more importantly, pushes people to subscribe to a media outlet and take a picture of the receipt and post it with the tag #PressOn.

e campaign originated from Bleacher Report sports writer Jordan Brenner when he Tweeted: “ e very concept of truth is under siege, so journalism is more important than ever. Subscribe to an outlet & tweet your receipt.”

e actual tag #PressOn came later on from Allison Glock, an ESPN sports writer, speaking about Brenner’s tweet in a tele- phone interview.

is campaign ascended as a response from the media war be- tween certain press and President Donald Trump, as he consistently calls out the media for being fake news and calling New York Times a failing paper establishment.

is war between the media and our President is one that I see playing out through his whole presidency. I don’t see the press backing down because they’re being called fake news. I hope they continue to work tirelessly to give citizens the facts that we need despite how unpopular they might be.

#PressOn went viral as celebrities such as Rachel Nichols from ESPN, movie stars such as Ben Stiller, and Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr started tweeting out the support of #PressOn with receipts.

I don’t recall another time that the sports world has been so outspoken on subjects that effect the world outside of sports. NBA head coach Greg Popovich have been vocal on politically charged issues, giving sound bites expressing his disagreements on President Trump.

I believe it’s a great thing that these sport icons are not just sticking to sports. Most of these people are tax paying citizens like every American and they deserve to use their platform.

“I think the press is extremely important for giving the people of America a voice since not every- one is allowed inside a conference
or a brie ng. e press asks the tough questions that us as tax paying citizens want to know the answers to. Journalists should feel free to write on anything without being doubted and called fake news if they have enough to back it up,” said Stephen Cazarez, Delta College student.

A rise in subscriptions of big press such as LA Times, e Atlantic, e Washington Post, and other papers have skyrocketed since the campaign of #PressOn came out all over social media.

The Washington Post and LA Times and other media outlets have taken advantage of this recent surge in subscriptions by having discounted prices for new subscribers.

“The Newspapers are a necessity for the people because that is how some people only get their news is from newspapers. e news- paper has always been a staple in our country and I don’t believe that will change. at doesn’t mean everything you read is true though but if you’re an established Newspaper you should have some gained respect,” said Joel Ramirez, Delta College student.