Travel costs too high for most


Every year thousands of people register for airplane flights in order to go on vacation later that year, especially during summer time.

Common places to go on vacation during the summer are Hawaii, New York City, as well as certain cities in Europe, such as Paris or Rome.

These places are really exciting to spend a vacation with your family, but vacation expenses could be a lot of money for one family to spend so I’ve did some research on vacation costs and consulted with some people about their future vacation plans.

I’ve decided to go to and I’ve discovered Virgin America is offering tickets for a family of five who want to go to New York City worth around $500 per person, while Delta Airlines is offering tickets up to $463.

The cost is not worth it as the total cost would be around $ 2,000 in total.

Hotels such as the InterContinental New York Times Square can cost up to $400 per night. It can be less depending on what hotel you’ve booked. It’s assumed that websites like can offer cheaper plane tickets and hotel prices. Other websites like Expedia and Travelocity also offer as much as Kayak but don’t offer cheaper prices as much as Kayak does.

Similarly, I’ve found out that offers plane tickets and hotel prices to any family who wants to spend their summer vacation in Maui.

Hawaiian Airlines offers prices from $700 to $1,000 per family as Hawaii is one of the most famous vacation spots in the world.

Every year families from all over the world save their money for one day they could go to Hawaii so it’s not worth due to vacation expenses.

Furthermore, it seems if you want to find a hotel, suggests you should call the hotel instead of finding a room online but you can try another website to try to find a room.

To learn more about what a person pays for a vacation and what they’re planning to do I decided to talk to a few people about the topic.

On Feb. 15, I talked to a fellow student named Rosemary Rios and she told me about her trip to Las Vegas.

She told me her flight ticket was worth around $150 while her hotel price was around $200. She also said “she and some friends are planning to celebrate a friend’s birthday as well as go to some of the casinos and look around”.

She told me that she and her friends are planning to leave sometime in September.

On Feb. 16, I interviewed a presenter at Delta College named Ryan Breakfield. He told me that he’s going to Costa Rica. He told me that he registered for his ticket that about a week ago, which is about $400 and the hotel price is $1,000, on Feb. 6 and that he has been on a plane before. Breakfield said told me that he’s planning to “relax as well as go snorkeling, ATV riding, ziplining, a trip to the spa, and go horseback riding.”

Overall, flight plans and other vacation plans are always worth a lot of money so plan and save wisely as the costs of airline and hotel prices should be cut in half especially in today’s economy.