Waiting for the dream school to ‘swipe right’


It’s around the time every year people are failing at their New Year’s resolutions and getting their tax refunds, but for a few it’s a stressful and anxiety filled time because of waiting on transfer outcomes.

You spend your life preparing for the outcome of whether or not you make it into the school you’ve wanted to.

Its stressful experience is never forgotten.

It’s the first few weeks of the New Year, everyone is excited for what this year will bring. Stressed out potential transfer students are filling out supplemental applications for the schools they already paid $50 to possibly get rejected by.

We wouldn’t be young adults if we didn’t procrastinate. I’m not talking about waiting until the last day, no.

I’m talking about waking up 10 minutes before the supplemental application is due, running through it and hoping you matched everything up.

Maybe that’s just me?

Next you hit February, the month where everything could change.

The schools you chose are mulling over whether or not to take your “C’s get degrees mentality” or the prepared “straight A” student that took college level courses in kindergarten.

People like me are actually trying to be responsible stalking email 20 times a day.

We’re going through those old emails to make sure we didn’t forget to submit something and constantly thinking about all the fun that could happen if they just accept you.

Meanwhile, it’s your last semester at Delta College. You’re taking the classes you put o or the easy ones that turned out not to be that easy. Like geography.

Everyone else is getting accepted, while you wait patiently for that one match. at one school to just swipe right.

There it is, there is that email. You open it and read it to yourself and the first line reads: Congratulations you’ve been accepted.

The time has come. You finally get to be like everyone else and post it to social media.

You forward the email to everyone in your family.

en comes the stress of which college to choose from if you get that lucky. Do I go to the school that’s “cheaper” and close by? Or the school that takes you miles upon miles away from home? Knowing damn well all that money that could have been saved up, would really help right now.

However, there are still some of us who have to wait. I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

Especially because of the unique situation I get to be in. Which is waiting on my No. 1 choice to respond while I’ve been accepted to two others.

We all are in different positions just waiting for our turn.