Popular coffee shop opens new location by Delta


Delta College students may have added the College Square Plaza to their list of go to places on Feb. 10.

Empresso Coffeehouse has opened a sister location to the long standing Miracle Mile shop, in the College Square plaza across the south side of campus on March Lane.

Many Stocktonian’s are regulars at the Empresso Coffeehouse located Pacific Avenue’s Miracle Mile.

The first location is known for the inviting social environment, homey and old school with artistic decor. However, this location is different whilst being an inviting social environment.

“It’s a good work environment…with not so many distractions,” Sienna Shahan, employee at Empresso Coffeehouse. 

The new location has a modern and uniform style. This new location has different lighting with large window surrounding the building embracing the natural lighting and bringing a different vibe than what customers are used to at other coffee shops.

“I enjoy blogging and I do alot of writing here…it’s very easy to meet people in my age demographic, college age and post-grade,” said Melissa Sandoval.

In larger cities with a larger student population, like Sacramento and San Francisco where coffee shops are at every corner, coffee shops have a clean look. Students especially from Delta College and University of the Pacific (UOP) can take advantage of a space like this near campus.

“We’ve wanted this location for a long time…it’s a coffee shop people are looking for,” said Vito Casiaro, general manager at Empresso Coffeehouse.     Stockton isn’t known to be a college town but by adding a college friendly environment students from Delta College and UOP are becoming new regulars to the location.

“It’s a very convenient location because we are so close to the freeway and a lot of people that come this way are going to school, especially the students going to Delta,” said Casiaro.

In the first week of opening the store appears to have its clientele growing with large lines forming during the early mornings and lunch hours. Customers are not only here to study or do homework but have found a quality cup of coffee to have before they start their work day as well.

“We’ve had people that didn’t even know we existed say they were just driving by and saw us because of all the windows and wanted to see what we are,” said Shahan.

When you’re looking for leisure time and the social environment you can stop by as well. There is a bar area to sit at as well as high tables and bar stools around the parts of the coffee shop. Customers can enjoy their food and beverages on the large patio on sunny days out. One thing that’s different at the new location customers may enjoy is the ability to take alcohol out on the patio area. To take advantage of the large patio area Casiaro adds that Empresso might have live music on the patio during the spring and summer.

In the next year Empresso Coffeehouse will be working on creating their own brand and roasting their coffee inside of the new store. The local coffee shop will potentially branch sooner than later, shining another light on the Stockton community.

Currently the location on 1231 March Lane will be open during the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Empresso will be open from 6 a.m. and 12 a.m seven days a week coming March.