Club Rush offers more than a fun day on campus


It’s the new semester at Delta College so that means it’s the return of Club Rush Week.

Club Rush returned for the spring semester running Feb. 13-15.

Club Rush is a week-long event where clubs set-up tables in the quad and promote their club to the student body.

“Honors Club is about helping the community, not just about your grade point average. I think students join because they want to see what our club is about and how they can volunteer for the community like Stockton and Tracy and other areas,” said Vyette Cousin, Community Service Rep of Alpha Gamma Sigma.

Clubs on campus include Delta Psi, Fashion Club, Talking Spirit Club, Anthropology Club, Student Veteran Alliance, Christians on Campus, Politics and Law, Forensics, Society of Women of Engineers, Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), Activities Club, Writers Guild, A.R.T Club, Undocumented Student Collective, Cheer Club, Circle K, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Christians United for Israel, Fencing Club, Game Creators Union, Latino Medical Student Association, Business and Entrepreneur Club, Black Student Union, Stockton Delta Dance Company, SJDC Math Club, Cultural Inclusion Club, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Speech and Debate.

“Besides helping the community, we go to meetings, meet with other honors club members and see what works with their clubs and we do a couple fundraisers every once in a while and during club rush week we try to get more member to join so that the club can keep up for next semester. We love to show off our groups so people know it’s not just about grades and community service but we also have fun at events such as bowling, ice skating, hockey games and the corn maze,” said Cousin.

Many clubs decorate their tables with pictures, books, displays, exhibiting past club activities, club values and interests, art, publications, fliers and future events. Each club must be present at least one day during the week-long event.

In order to be counted as a participant a student or adviser must be present at the club’s table during roll call.

Clubs are allowed to set-up a table every day of the event, but it is not required.

“We inform students about what is currently happening in the Middle East and why we should stand with our ally Israel either as Christians or American’s. Our main focus is to be student leaders who inspire others to spread Gods message about praying for the peace of Jerusalem,” said Gaby Muro, Vice President of Christians United for Israel.

Club Rush supports a diverse collection of student clubs and organizations that contribute to the campus and surrounding community. Through participation in student led clubs, Delta College students have the ability to engage in experiences that explore academic, professional, political, social, cultural and religious and community service interests.