Spring Break: How to work out during your week off


Listen up students!

Spring break this semester is March 20-24. What do people usually have planned? Spending time with friends? Catching up on some sleep? Surely everyone has some sort of plan they want to do during spring break.

Getting in shape, however, probably doesn’t come to mind.

So we went around asking students this question: What’s a great way to exercise during spring break without hitting the gym or staying inside?

“Jogging around your neighborhood. Or hiking! Lodi Lake has a nice trail and you can see deer there,” said Meranda Pierce.

“Running outside or going to the park or biking or maybe doing yoga outside,” said Michael Sharoiko

“Improvise, do whatever comes to mind when you want to work out, and no do the exact same thing every week,” said Haroon Mahamood.

“Organize a couple of games of basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball or something active that you all enjoy. There are plenty of places to go bike riding, walking or running in town. Or you can find a good hiking trail to explore out of town. I suggest Pinnacles National Park.” said Miranda La Londe