Textbooks prove worth for Delta students


Every year at the beginning of the semester, students begin purchasing or renting books for the classes they’re taking and then selling or returning them at the end of the semester.

Seeing the possibility that many students may not be able to use all the books they purchased or rented, but are the students even using all the books they are using?

Student Shawn Vang said he estimates he spent $400 on books this semester. He said he uses all of them.

“I use them whenever I can … except when I go to work,” he said.

When asked if it was worth it purchasing his books he said that it was because he needs them for his classes. Shawn also said he’ll sell the books if he’s done with all of the books or not.

Student Amber Marino said she spent $200 or more on her books. She said she uses all but one of her books.

When asked over when does she use them and she says that she “constantly uses all the time, every day.”

Marino said it was worth buying the books she needs. She said she’ll sell the books at the end of the semester unless otherwise.

Student Jessica Corona estimated she spent $300 on books. She, too, uses her books.

Corona said her books were worth buying and she would sell her books if she doesn’t need them anymore.

“Every day, each once a day,” she said. Corona is taking courses in guidance, English, reading, and criminal justice.

According to Chegg, Amazon and the Delta College book store rentals and returns are done by semester usually at more affordable prices. Chegg and Amazon will give options to extend rentals for small fees as well. Amazon gives out instructions is customers have no idea what to do.

Delta College book store employee Brittani Hawkins said refunds are given out at the beginning of the semester because students may no longer need the book or if a student gets the wrong book.