Potholes on campus ruining one car at a time


Following a sequence of persistent rains, Delta College is seeing potholes across its various parking lots.

Ranging from the size of a fist, to larger than a tire, and as deep as your vastest textbook, the potholes get larger and deeper as the rain continues to fall.

The potholes are extremely annoying because when I accidentally run them over, it feels as though something is going to break underneath my car.  It also messes up the air pressure I have in my tires thus effecting my gas mileage.  These outrageous potholes leave everlasting effects on my vehicle.

Its caused when rain gets through the cracks of the pavement and washes away the dirt underneath it.

Veronica Arroyo, the administrative assistant to maintenance manager Mark Showers, said, “all I know is, there is a contractor coming out to assess the Budd and Shima parking lots during spring break.”

As cars and trucks drive over the pavement, it starts to droop, and eventually it completely deteriorates to form a pothole.

“I try to avoid the potholes completely, but sometimes it’s difficult because they’re in inconvenient places where they are impossible to avoid,” said student Vanessa De La Torre.

I, along with other students, worry about the financial burden the potholes put us in.  Hitting the pothole at the right angle may mean that my tire could explode, and tires for my car run for no less than $120.

Inquired if Delta College should be held financially responsible for damaged tires, rims, and anything else due to the potholes De La Torre replied, “it would be nice if Delta compensated students for the damage, but I think that’s a bit unrealistic.”

I embarked on a journey to find the biggest and deepest potholes at Delta and what I’ve found may not come as a surprise to you.  Shima parking lot by far has the worst conditions out of all the parking lots.  It’s an absolute nightmare to navigate through the traffic, students, and potholes in the morning when I’m looking for parking.

“Delta should hold themselves accountable by fixing all potholes that reach a certain size and the ones in high traffic areas because its unsafe and a lot of them are impossible to avoid,” said student Julia Kim.

A frustrated Kim described what it’s like to drive her sedan to class.

“I’m worried about my tires and rims getting damaged, I do my best to avoid the potholes completely but swerving around them isn’t always an option,” she said.

Staff and students have a mutual sentiment about the massive potholes consuming the parking lots.

Other than the Shima parking lot, the next biggest and most treacherous series of potholes is in the Budd parking lot, next to the baseball field.

Tony Lawson from Utilities said, “They have been assessing the parking lots because of the cracks, but we are way overdue for maintenance on the grounds.”

The rain has no doubt caused potholes all over the Valley, however it just seems as though, through the lack of repair efforts, that it’s the worst at Delta!