Athletes reflect during off season


Student athletes have the hardest workload on campus. It doesn’t get easier when the season ends.

According to the NCAA, there is an estimated 460,000 NCAA student athletes who compete in 24 sports every year.

What happens when the season ends?

“When the season ended it was a bittersweet feeling because you’re glad it’s over,” said Francisco Jimenez, Delta college student-athlete. “You need a break but you’re also going to miss going out there every day for practice and playing on Saturdays.”

These athletes have dedicated their lives to chasing a dream. It doesn’t matter the sport; every day requires focus.

The offseason is pivotal for athletes because whatever they do may affect the next season.

For some it’s just working on the game.

“Rest up and just work on my game, work on the stuff I couldn’t do in the game so I could bring it next year. Just the stuff they haven’t seen yet,” said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw played basketball for Delta the season before last, but is determined on making sure his game and school work are right, in order to make sure he can play next season.

“For the offseason I just wanted to focus on my game a lot more and my conditioning. And then of course I had to make sure my grades are tip top shape for those coaches,” said Crenshaw. “School is number one, you got to focus on school to be able to touch the floor.”

For other athletes it’s just about getting the mind right and taking advantage of the season being over.

“You definitely want to take advantage of the free time. Make your money now because it’s hard to maintain a job, go to school and go to practice,” said Jimenez. Jimenez played offensive lineman for Delta’s football team last season in his first semester at Delta.

Jimenez is extending his offseason to focus on school.

“I’m taking next year off from football but I’ll be playing the following year. I just wanted to focus school and work,” said Jimenez

Which goes to show how intense the season is for these athletes and how much energy it requires from them, especially practice.

“Football six days a week,” said Jimenez. “Monday, Wednesday morning lifts and every day was meeting and practice.”

Every day the body has to be in peak physical condition.

“We had practice every day, we had practice at 5:30 in the morning on Fridays and you couldn’t be late at all,” said Alvin Crenshaw, Delta student athlete. “It just showed who really wants it that bad.”