Delta College Baseball team explain their walk up songs


What exactly is a walk-up song?

A walk-up song in baseball is usually a way to announce who’s at bat while at the same time getting the crowd excited for what’s to come.

Imagine if we were to ask the baseball team of San Joaquin Delta College why they choose their own walk up song.

Ryan Koch had said his walk-up song is “Gonna Know We Are Here,” by Jason Aldean.

” He is my favorite artist,” said Koch.

Koch had said he wanted to “leave his mark while he is here and to make people remember him.”

Jacob Crude had said his walk-up song is “My Humps” by the Black Eyes Peas.

When asked why he choose that song he said to, “Get a good laugh.” Crude had said he wants the people to think, “That I am a funny guy.”

It is safe to say the players have very different genre wish songs. Jacob Syren, temporary DJ for the team, had said, “Some guys have pretty good songs…some mix it up with different kinds of music.”

Joe Montes said his walk-up song is “Public Announcements” by Jay Z.

“The beat is good and gets me pumped up before game,” he said. “Remembered. I want to remembered.”

Trent North had said his walk-up song is “Regulate” by Warren G.

“I feel comfortable when that song goes on.” He had said it helped him “Get in the zone.” North wants the crowd to know that he is in the building and is ready to go.

Raul Rizo, first year pitcher, said he doesn’t get a walk up song but if he were to have one it would be “In the meantime” by G Eazy.

Rizo choose this specific song because he said it was “a good song to listen to.”

Walk up songs are songs people use to express themselves, to make themselves known.