Wolverine makes a comeback


Marvel has done it yet again.

Logan was released on March 3 and it lived up to Marvel fans’ expectations.

With the original X-Men movies, the X-Men first class movies, and the Wolverine movies, fans were wondering how Marvel was going to continue after the “X Men: Apocalypse.”

In “X-Men Apocalypse” things had changed because of what had happened in “X Men: Days of Future Past” with Logan going back in time to change the future.

This, in turn, changed the fate of the certain characters such as Storm, Angel, and Nightcrawler. Storm and Angel were chosen by Apocalypse to serve as his horsemen.

Nightcrawler was rescued by Mystique and joined the X-Men team with Jean, Beast, Cyclops, and Quicksilver.

In “Logan” the year is 2024 and the mutant population has shrunk.

Mutants have been hunted down by mercenaries whose mission is the extinction of mutant kind and to Logan’s knowledge no new mutants have been born in roughly ten years.

That all changes when he meets a young girl named Laura with similar abilities to his own. Much to Logan’s dismay and Dr. X’s joy, they get involved in a mission to help young Laura find her way to Eden before the mercenaries find them.

With it being a Wolverine movie it was a give that it would be action packed but surprising it was heartwarming and heartbreaking.

In the end, Logan has to fight against Pierce and Dr.Rice, son of William Stryker, to save Laura.

Logan had managed to get Laura to Eden but was faced with the reality that he had completed his mission, but did he really want to leave her behind? Laura understanding his conflicted feelings made the decision for him and flees before the mercenaries can find her. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned leading to Logan to save the one person that means more to him than anything else.

Though fans have said it may have been too gory, the movie is rated R and when has Wolverine been ever be gentle when taking one appointed threatening him or his loved ones. Through it all “Logan” is definitely the movie to see this coming week or to rewatch.