AARP members still got it


You know how that one old saying goes: “You’re never too old to go back to school.”

That saying reigns true now more than ever as the older generation are making a return to the classroom.

I truly believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, college is for everyone who wants to reach for a higher education.

College isn’t just for your average 18-year old who’s “trying to find themselves.”

Now there’s men and women who are pushing 60 trying to learn a new skill of even just finishing a degree put on hold because life got in the way.

“You know it was exciting, it was exciting for me to see that I’m not the only one who’s back for an education,” said Barbara Graves, age 66 who is taking courses at Delta.

Graves already has her bachelors in liberal arts. She’s currently at Delta learning office management.

“It was a little disappointing not being able to get a job in my eld but I thought well I’m older so I’ll just do light office work. You know ‘cause I can’t deal with the kids right now,” she said.

Juggling school and work can be very stressful as a young adult.

much more difficult for older students not just trying to balance work and school but other commitments or issues they may have.

Although you’d be surprised how easy it is for some people.

“It’s actually easy, its actually better for me to juggle both. To have my regular work,” Luis Cadena age 53 said. “I thought it would be too much but it gets me out the door sooner and it forces me into a routine and it’s really good for me.”

At least at some point in the semester you may have counted the number of student who are well into their years.

It’s cool we’ve all done it, the fact you might see one maybe two in your class.

“You know honestly per semester I usually get one to two per class so that would be about six,” said Angelica Nuby, a music professor here at Delta.

However for all you know the one old guy in your class could be the top student in the class.

“I had one older student he was around 70 I had him for about four semesters and he was one of my top students,” said Nuby.

One thing that everyone seemed to agree on is that if you’re of older age and you’re thinking of returning to school, just go for it. Take the plunge and nd a way to make it work.

at said, it would only stand to reason it would be

Your education is worth it regardless of your age.