Breaking out from being an introvert


When I walk into class I am greeted by the silence of everyone trying their hardest not to talk to one another.

In high school, people wouldn’t stop talking. The change from high school to a junior college was a weird transition because of how isolated everyone is from each other.

Going into a junior college, you don’t know anyone, whereas in high school you may have known the same people since middle school.

“People are less social because community colleges are just isolating.” said Amanda Leal, Delta student.

People just go on their phones, I know I do, because talking to someone is arguably more painful than any lecture.

“Community colleges are lonely and people long for that High School interaction.” said Leal

“I feel people are less social JC’s because they’re just trying to get their education and get out.” said Zach Stone, Delta student.

And it is because of this mentality that people are just going there to “get out” that kids lose the opportunity to meet people and enjoy their two years.

“I think that they are less social because we don’t have enough to see them out side of school. At a 4 year where you live on campus you are forced to get to know them since you don’t get to just go home later.” said Rebecca Fellows, a Delta student.

Being at a JC while making friends even if it’s just for two years is better than being miserable all two years.

“We should be more social because it gives us a community at school and we might want to go to school more to see those people. Like even if we don’t enjoy school we go because at least we have people to talk to. It also allows us to know people in the same classes and they can help us if we have questions too.” said Fellows.

People may have the mindset that they are going to transfer anyways so there really is no point in making friendships that may not last, but by doing this they are losing out on great experiences.

By remaining isolated and kept to yourself, it is a guaranteed lonely two years. And who wants that?

So look up, look around at people, talk, you may be surprised.