Undertaker calls career in final WrestleMania


WWE legend “The Undertaker,” or some might know him as “Deadman,”  displayed an emotional retirement gesture at WrestleMania 33

Mark William Calaway has been one of the most iconic wrestling stars since the 1990s.

He was glorified by his fans for his mystical abilities and consuming any enemy that called him out.

During Westlemania 33, The Undertaker removed his hat, coat and gloves.

Then set them down in the middle of the ring and began to walk out.

The WWE hasn’t released an official statement of retirement but this is a traditional way of announcing retirement in the WWE world.

Twitter users began paying tribute with their memories of the legendary Deadman.

“I grew up watching WWE during the attitude era, so hearing the Undertaker retiring? Another piece of my childhood withers away,” said Twitter user @Dish_AWD.

In the same night as his retirement announcement, the 52-year old legend lost the main event against WWE superstar Roman Reigns.

“I did what I had to at #Wrestlemania it doesn’t change the fact Deadman held the yard down for years. For that #ThankYouTaker #Respect,” said @WWEromanreigns official Twitter account.

Many, fans believe Roman Reigns was the perfect competitor to end the Undertakers journey.

The Undertaker will leave his generation of fans with iconic moments such as the Deadman’s hand popping out of his grave after they buried him alive or rising from a coffin to attack Brock Lesnar.

After 35 years and 21 Wrestlemania victories, the Undertaker’s legacy will have his place in the WWE hall of fame.

“No matter what WWE Will always be “My House” Thank you WWE Universe for giving me the best career of my life,” said @WWEMarkWCalaway official Twitter account.