Exploring with Evelyn: Taking the stage

Trekkie and his puppeteer pose for a photo.

“Avenue Q” is a refreshing and witty musical comedy where the characters in the show are both actors and puppets.

The show revolves around Princeton, a puppet, that has recently graduated college and is searching for his purpose in life.

This obstacle is blocking him from accomplishing anything that he perceives as meaningful.

Other characters also struggle with finding their purpose at different ages and circumstances of their life.

The show’s laugh-out-loud dialogue and unique songs are surprisingly relatable.

The feeling of being lost in a new setting is familiar, yet the show comes up creative ways to put characters in distinguishable surroundings.

Trying new things has never been my forte, because I tend to stick with what is comfortable and what I know.

Exploring with Evelyn was a way for me to force myself into uncomfortable situations and try my best to appear comfortable and confident.

Princeton is entering a new stage of his life and isn’t sure what his future holds, because he has yet to discover his purpose.

I, like many of my fellow classmates feel as if I am in a constant state of a midlife crisis.

It took many mistakes and trying new things for me to find what I am passionate about, but I don’t believe I have found my purpose just yet.

Some people recognize passion early in life and some may take more time to find it.

Princeton finds his purpose in helping people and the rest of the characters find happiness in their lives by coming to terms with the changes they have been through.

While sitting in the audience I found myself thinking about all the activities I tried my hand at this semester.

It hasn’t been easy for me to introduce myself to new experiences every two weeks, but over the course of the semester I found myself looking forward to every new opportunity to be a part of a group I’ve always wanted to try.

College is the time to explore and try things that interest you.

I want to express a thank you to every club, group, department and program that allowed me to experience for a day what it is like to be a part of something new.

I encourage all of you to try one thing on campus that intrigues you.

You might find yourself discovering a passion or a new hobby, ultimately you’ll be a part of something bigger than yourself.